Before you head to the courtroom, it’s important to learn all about PA child support and what you will be expected to pay after your divorce is finalized.

In the United States, more than one-fourth of children under the age of twenty-one have at least one parent living outside their household. It’s essential to understand how child support works, especially if you’re considering a divorce.

For parents looking for more information, check out our comprehensive guide on everything you need to know about PA child support.

Understanding Child Support

It’s important to understand exactly what is child support. Child support is court-ordered payments made by a parent who does not have custody. This payment goes to support his or her child or children while they’re still minors.

These payments go towards giving food, clothing, and other necessities to the child or children.

To know how much is child support depends on your income levels. Your child support obligation is affected by your:

  • Combined Parental Income Amount
  • Self-Support Reserve
  • Poverty Income Guidelines Amount

The specific amounts differ from state-to-state. Think about what you need to know about child support hearings and services as well as the acknowledgment of paternity, if applicable.

In Pennsylvania, these payments are made out by one parent as monthly payments to assist in the costs associated with raising the child or children.

The state of Pennsylvania offers an abundance of resources to learn about your rights, responsibilities, and options as a parent paying child support. Be familiar with the Pennslyvania Child Support Handbook.

This will help the parent or parents to understand a general overview of the state program, as well as establish medical support, the support order, and adjusting any money changes in question.

Child Support Enforcement

Be aware of child support enforcement. If you are the primary parent or a minor who needs help establishing paternity, you are eligible for child support enforcement. This service helps to:

  • Learn if you’re the father
  • Locate parents, not in the area
  • Enforce responsibilities

If you are enrolled in Medicaid or Foster Care receive child support enforcement help. Remember it’s okay to reach out for help if you need to. Don’t be afraid to lean on your support system and seek out outside resources.

Everything You Need to Know About PA Child Support

Considering a divorce is an emotionally and mentally exhaustive decision. Take some of the strain off your mind and be familiar with everything you need to know about PA child support beforehand.

Our expert team of attorneys and counselors at Blake & Schanbacher Law are here to support you through the process, and are here for you twenty-four-seven should you be concerned, scared, or worried about a legal matter.

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