Unfortunately, more than 40% of those married for the first time get divorced. Hopefully, you don’t fall into that statistic, but we understand the stress the divorce process brings.

In the best-case scenario, uncontested divorces are ideal, but sometimes a contested divorce is unavoidable. Between arguing over assets and child custody, it’s vital that you maintain your dignity while contesting a divorce.

So, take a breath and read this guide about maintaining your dignity while getting divorced. Your actions during the divorce process can influence the outcome.

And if you’re going through the divorce process again, this guide also applies. While you never get numb to the divorce process, maintaining your dignity through divorce cases helps for a brighter tomorrow.

And if you’re going through the divorce process again, this guide also applies. While you never get numb to the divorce process, maintaining your dignity through divorce cases helps for a brighter tomorrow. Hopefully, these contested divorce tips help you keep your head up and maintain your dignity.

What Is a Contested Divorce?  

Unlike uncontested divorces, a contested divorce is when both parties can’t amicably agree on matters like child support and parental rights. While sometimes both parties can handle divorce cases outside court, a contested divorce requires an experienced family lawyer

Put Your Interests Firsts

As you prepare for a new chapter, you must begin breaking the old bonds. Maybe you were the breadwinner with the stress of supporting a family and couldn’t afford to splurge on yourself. During a contested divorce, begin planning to pamper and splurge on yourself.

The same applies to soon-to-be ex-wives. Maybe you sacrificed your career to be a stay-at-home mom. Now’s the time to plan your next chapter. Consider a beauty makeover or returning to the gym to lose undesired pounds.

Watch Your Diet

As you grapple with the flood of emotions and the misery of going through a contested divorce, how you feel about yourself is paramount. For example, watching what you eat is essential if you haven’t decided to go to the gym.

Perhaps eliminate your favorite comfort foods like ice cream and chocolate during the divorce process. And if you have the emotional strength, avoid fast and comfort food entirely. That way, you don’t pack unwanted pounds that only compound your emotional agony.

Create Clear Boundaries

When dealing with a contested divorce, it’s imperative to set clear boundaries during the divorce process. Let our compassionate lawyers know from the beginning that you need to reduce stress as much as possible. 

One way is to decide which matters you want to be actively involved in and which you want to avoid. Also, learn how to guard your private affairs against prying eyes.

It is nobody’s business that you’re getting divorced or the reasons why. And you can also shut down damaging rumors that can impact your case. 

Don’t Post on Social Media

Social media can be a fun hobby but is also a leading factor in divorce cases. Remember, what you post on sites like Facebook and Twitter is viewable by your soon-to-be ex-spouse and their legal counsel.

As a result, social media can be used as evidence against your contested divorce case. You can read our blog post about social media during the divorce process.

So, consider a social media moratorium while getting divorced. Or better yet, consider closing your accounts.

Don’t Jump into a Relationship

Cheating in a marriage leads to up to 40% of initiating divorce cases. And if it appears you’re getting divorced because of a new fling, it might turn friends and family away from you. During your contested divorce, you’ll need all the emotional support you can get to maintain your dignity.

Also, it is best to deal with your raw feelings for your soon-to-be ex-spouse. Regardless if you’re getting divorced after a couple of months or after 50 years, marriages have an emotional bond.

By establishing your personal space early, you can come to terms with your true feelings. Acknowledge the good aspects of your ex-spouse and the pleasant memories.

But be honest about the unpleasant aspects and memories. If you can, learn how to forgive. Remember, regardless of who initiated the contested divorce; you are heading for a new beginning.

And if you want to give love another try, you need to give your new lover a clean slate. Taking your anger from your ex-spouse on your new partner isn’t fair.

Or, if you’re still emotionally involved with your ex-spouse, resentment may soon form. Resentment only fuels your agony and might prematurely end a promising relationship.

Don’t Involve Your Kids   

While going through a contested divorce, it’s easy to forget that your children are going through the divorce process. Try to have a heart-to-heart conversation with your children and listen to their feelings and needs.

There’s no good reason to add more emotional burdens on your children. And, of course, remind them that it’s not their fault that their parents are getting divorced.

Regardless of your feelings, don’t smear them or tell lies about them with your children. After all, their relationship with both parents is independent of their failed marriage.

If your children don’t blame you for the divorce process, it helps maintain your dignity. And regardless of who gets child custody after a contested divorce, try to maintain a friendly relationship with your ex-spouse.   

Kids need stability, and if your kids are emotionally stable, you enjoy peace of mind. You can read our blog about maintaining a healthy relationship with your ex-spouse for your kids.

Have Realistic Expectations

Remember, you’re going through a contested divorce because you couldn’t mutually agree on dividing assets. Therefore, it’s best to emotionally prepare yourself not to get everything you want when your case finishes.

Also, don’t hide assets out of resentment. One, the opposing counsel might unearth it. And second, you’re prolonging the misery of a contested divorce and harming your peace of mind. The same applies to delivering timely input and information at your lawyer’s request.  

More About a Contested Divorce

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