Sometimes there are no more answers or help for a couple, and divorce is the best option. But divorces are emotionally and financially draining for everyone involved. Luckily in Pennsylvania, a mutual consent divorce is one of the fastest and easiest ways to get a divorce. So keep reading to see if you qualify for a mutual consent divorce!

What Is Divorce by Mutual Consent?

Mutual consent divorce PA takes around four months to finalize, or shorter if you hire the best attorney possible! This may seem great, but to qualify, you and your spouse need to agree on every single issue.

These issues include finances, the custody of your children, and property settlements. If differences arise without being able to come to an agreement, a regular divorce will need to be filed. 


A family court mutual consent divorce will not resolve any financial or custody battles. Therefore, these are some of the specific conditions:

  • You must have inconsolable differences that prevent any reconciliations  
  • Both you and your spouse must agree to the divorce 
  • Both you and your spouse must sign an oath agreeing to the divorce 
  • Both you and your spouse need to have lived in Pennsylvania for six months or more prior to filing for a divorce

Before filing for a mutual consent divorce, you and your spouse need to work out any custody and child support issues. Some spouses choose to file these issues separately or at a later time. Your financial matters must also be resolved beforehand.

The Process

First, you must complete several rounds of paperwork and file them with the county clerk’s office. You will be required to bring in two copies of the paperwork.

This process is not free and will require you to pay mutual consent divorce fees. However, if your income falls below a certain level, these fees might be waived.

You’re required to take a parenting class in some counties, especially if your child is under a certain age. You can ask the county clerk for more information on these specific recruitments.

Afterward, you can deliver or serve your spouse with divorce paperwork. This may sound harsh, but your spouse will have no issues since you’re doing a metal contest divorce.

However, they do need to sign the Acceptance of Service. Once they’ve signed, mail these copies to the county clerk. 

After 90 days, the Affidavit of Consent should be officially signed by you and your partner. You will also need to file a  Waiver of Notice, Praecipe to Transmit Record, and a Final Decree of Divorce. Lastly, there might be extra paperwork to sign and file, depending on your county.

Once all the paperwork is signed and a judge has signed the Final Decree of Divorce, you’ll receive the official divorce copies. 

Divorce Made Easy

Overall the process of a  mutual consent divorce takes around three months. So don’t waste any more time and get to choose a mutual consent divorce PA.

If you have any more questions, make an appointment to see us at one of our Pennsylvania locations!