On July 15th, Attorney Schanbacher of Blake & Schanbacher Law participated on a panel of 2 Attorneys and 1 County judge and 1 Supreme Court Justice, David Wecht. The panel presented the topic of 3rd party standing in custody and support (when a non-parent petitions for custody) at the summer meeting of the Pennsylvania Bar Association’s Family Law Section, held this year in Richmond Virginia.

Attorney Schanbacher is currently the 2nd chair of the state family law section and in 2021 will be the chair of the state section on family law. The Section’s summer meeting was attended by over 200 of the best family law attorneys in  Pennsylvania.

Attorney Schanbacher is frequently asked to present on various family law topics at the summer and winter meetings of the state family section and does so on a frequent basis.

To learn more about 3rd party standing in custody and support, contact Attorney David Schanbacher: 717.848.3078