About 39% of all marriages end in divorce. If you and your spouse are contemplating a split, know that you won’t be the only couple to divorce this year.

But you have options by way of an uncontested divorce. So what is an uncontested divorce?

Keep reading to see how you can save yourself and others the financial hardship and emotional stress of a bitter divorce process.

What Is an Uncontested Divorce?

Simply, an uncontested divorce means that both parties agree to the divorce without any financial or custodial challenges. In some states, a spouse that fails to appear for a hearing may be considered “uncontested.”

Uncontested divorces normally do not go before a judge and are much quicker than traditional divorce proceedings where parties do not agree on terms.

Who Is Eligible?

Any married couple seeking a divorce can have an uncontested one. The divorce is usually started by one side seeking a divorce from the other.

If the other party agrees to everything in the divorce paperwork, then it is considered uncontested. It’s always advisable to hire a professional lawyer to help guide you through this process.

There may be concessions you want to proceed, and the other party may grant them if you ask. If they are seeking a quick process, there’s a good chance they will.


Some divorce proceedings can last years. Do you have the financial resources to continually pay a team of lawyers and court costs?

By having an uncontested divorce, you can skip going before a judge and years of attorney fees.

Is there private information about your life you don’t want to be made public? A traditional divorce hearing reveals information to the public. Anyone can see what is said or filed.

No divorce will be without tension. But an uncontested one can relieve some of the emotional stress from your life, especially if it’s painful to see them after the separation.

Problems With Uncontested Divorces

Someone might be asked for an uncontested divorce; and, without legal counsel, may agree to stipulations that are completely unfair.

A person might agree to a quick uncontested marriage because they don’t want to hurt the kids. But in reality, they may sign away almost all their time with the children.

This does not serve the best interests of your kids.

Uncontested divorces are usually rare. Whether it’s because someone doesn’t agree with financial compensation, property division, or custodial time, you’re likely to face opposition.

Hiring a competent lawyer can help you avoid missteps or pitfalls where the other party is trying to trick you. 

Starting the Divorce Process

If you have decided it’s time to start the divorce process, know you have options. Being able to adequately answer “what is an uncontested divorce?” can save you time, money, and stress.

Are you in need of legal representation? Make sure you contact us today so we can fight for you.